Giving back in business

Financial Adviser Brad Church, is currently trialling a new way to give back while running his business. He’s hoping to raise $20,000 for 100 families in poverty and at the same time grow his bottom line – a win/win.

Philanthropy at work

Brad who works for Goodman Private Wealth Advisers, wanted to develop an altruistic business model and so offered to help 100 families in Australia to set up a financial strategy called a Financial Road Map. A Financial Road Map is not a full financial plan, instead it’s a one-page roadmap, which can help create direction towards financial goals.


Every time he completes one of these – the company donates $200 to Opportunity International, which goes towards one small micro-finance loan for someone in a third-world country to start their own business.

New clients = more donations

Brad talked to people in his community who he believed would benefit from the Financial Road Map. The hope was that a small number of these people who received the Financial Road map would choose to become clients. The target was to provide 100 Financial Road Maps, which in turn would help Brad donate $20,000 and help 100 families to work their way out of poverty.

“I wanted to show how a case study of an altruistic business can have tangible positive effects on a business,” he says.

Leaders in micro-finance

“I wanted to give back to Opportunity International because it appealed to my business and commercial sense. 97% of the loans are repaid and as one family establishes a business and repays the loan, a loan is given to another family. Opportunity International is also clear about its objectives, and measuring the impact. It is one of the leaders of micro-finance. Just like the investment world, when we invest money we get a good return and measure the impact that we are having,” Brad explains.

“Personally it’s about being generous and having a positive impact on the lives of our clients, their families and the community, ultimately giving future generations something they will be proud of – a legacy beyond themselves.”



Changing global poverty

Brad is particularly attracted to causes that connect with global poverty. “We are fortunate in Australia – East Timor, Papua New Guinea and our near neighbours are in a very different position,” he says. “That’s close to my heart and we know our clients are pleased that philanthropy is part of our business.”

Brad has now completed 11 Financial Road Maps and from those has taken on three new clients. “The number of Financial Road Maps I have completed is behind what I was targeting at this stage, but the ratio of new clients is higher than I was expecting. I remain optimistic that this case study will demonstrate that being generous can be a very effective part of a business development strategy. Who could argue with a business development strategy that is both good for the community and good for the business?”

Brad runs a simple blog about his challenge. Read it here.


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